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Deadstock, a cultural history

In the early '00's, sneaker sites were thin on the ground.
We weren't plagued by the menace of theme packs.
Most people who've set themselves up as cultural gurus
within the 'scene' were still listening to trance and
rocking Firetrap. It should have been a happier time,
but it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole barrel.
Enter Deadstock.

The bastard son of a thousand sneaker purchases from
decades previous, before the retro ruled the world, it had
a bad attitude. Those who wore K-Swiss and Swear were
lampooned. People got angry. Copies were distributed
globally. Small scale controversies aside, it campaigned
for the resurrection of many classic designs, with a fair
number brought back post-publication. Sheer coincidence?
You decide.

All good things have to come to an end, and in 2005
Deadstock breathed its last as a paper format freebie.
But in the interim, things have become significantly shitter
on the shoe side of things. This archive should serve as a
reminder of how to annoy and alienate an entire industry,
with a few bits of crappier unreleased editorial incorporated
in an attempt to justify uploading them onto this site
- consider this the director's cut. Sort of.

A short note...

Ok, I already know what you are thinking – 'Where the fuck can I get a pair of those!?!?'

They're sweet aren't they? Now believe it or not, I did them myself! Yes, that's right, one of one, I'm not shitting you! But panic not you too can achieve such similar results, it's all about customisation.

Customisation is all about expressing your individuality man. Are you honestly happy with the drivel that everyone else is wearing on their feet? Or a
re you pockets magic and have an endless supply of cash to spend on limited sneakers that someone else has already been sick on? Co
me on crew get you painting overalls on and don that creative trucker cap, it's time to make something your own. I'll g
ive you a rundown of how I've gone about my little gem of goodness and then you can go away inspired and get your own effort on.

Ok, let's start with the basics – colouring. If you look on most forums on the world wide American Internet, pe
ople are all getting in a tiz-woz about what sort of paint to be using. I'll tell you a secret – It doesn't matter what paint you use! On
my shoe I've used acrylics, a silver paint pen, nail varnish (to get that realistic patent look) and on one of the side panels I've even used glow-in-the-dark paint!

But why stop at just painting your shoe? Don't be scared to go absolutely blind mental and totally wild! Check the details:

How fucking long have I waited for Giraffe print.

With eyes (note the nail varnish 'patent' toe box)

It's all about accessories in 2005. Rock 'em like swing tags, the larger the object the better.

I know you're all thinking 'How could he afford lazer etching?!' B
ut look closer, nothing a sharp scalpel can't handle! It says 'DS' by the way.

Am I seeing triple?!?! No, relax, it's just my artistic skills in action. Th
e Haze, DUNKLE and Supreme are all here. Fee
l stupid for spending all that cash on them now, eh?

A missile... nuff said

(note the variation on the 'tick'. I wanted to give the shoe an 'outer space' feel so I made it into a star)

What do you know about technology boi?

This shoe has some serious kit. With this build in super processor 4000 in the tongue you can control th
e temperature of the shoe as well as fire the missile. With a little practise it can make the perfect Bovril too.

A slit in the side padding makes for a handy weed stash compartment

(note the Dead Stock insoles!)

Some people fail to realise these shoes where designed for skateboarding, so let 'em know with this neat bit of material. Che
ck the sparkle going off on the side panel!! And also numbers, remember numbers are always good for a feast.

Nothing much going on here, sometimes it's best to keep parts of the shoe simple. I s
wapped out the toebox here for a more fetching 'strawberry and leaf' version.

So now you see, it's possible to achieve outstanding results with little more than a slab of clay and ten bob in your pocket. I'm
off now to wear mine down Hoxton Square where i'll be looking the most dapper of cunts, y'all.